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8 Different types of jobs available for PwDs Part 2

By, The Say Foundation Team

In our last post -, we saw 4 different jobs suited for different PwDs. Following are 4 more that could be ideal for you.

1. Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator

If you are looking for a career that is great for people with speech impairments, an industrial truck and tractor operator may be the perfect fit for you! This job utilizes levers and controls to move, lift, and stack items at a warehouse or building site - making it an acceptable option for those who don't need substantial verbal communication. 

Plus, this profession requires someone who can think quickly on their feet and prioritize safety - two skills that are essential in any workplace. To become an industrial truck or tractor operator, you will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

2. Order Filler, Wholesale and Retail Sales

As an order filler, your main responsibility will be to calculate pricing, prepare order receipts, and track phone and postal orders. This job is perfect for those who are good listeners and order-takers. A high school diploma or similar is required in order to fulfil orders.

There are many reasons why this job is excellent for people with speech impairments. First, your disability will not affect your ability to perform the job requirements. Secondly, this job does not require any public speaking whatsoever. You will simply be responsible for listening to customer requests and filling their orders accordingly.

If you are looking for a great job that is perfect for people with speech impairments, then look no further than the position of Order Filler, Wholesale and Retail Sales!

3. Mathematical Technician

Math is often one of those things that people assume is only for people who can see. But that's not true! There are plenty of visually impaired people out there who are excellent at math, and they can make great use of their skills as mathematical technicians.

As a mathematical technician, you would be responsible for helping engineers, scientists, and students learn about mathematics and data analysis. This would involve developing scientific or mathematical models, organizing data for analysis, and managing projects and activities. 

You would also be responsible for sharing solutions with others, which means that you would need to be good at communicating your ideas clearly.

4. Veterinary Assistant

The job of a veterinary assistant is to help veterinarians in the care of animals. This may include cleaning cages, preparing equipment, and restraining animals during examinations and treatments. Veterinary assistants also often handle office duties such as answering phones, scheduling appointments and handling billing and payments.

Veterinary assistants must be able to work well with both animals and people. They must have good communication skills, be patient and compassionate, and be detail oriented. Many veterinary assistants have previous experience working with animals in animal shelters or other animal-care facilities.

The job of a veterinary assistant is great for people with disabilities because it does not require a lot of physical labour. The main requirements are being able to communicate well and having compassion for both animals and people.


We hope that you have enjoyed this brief overview of the different types of jobs available for people with disabilities. We've tried to give you a broad range of options so that you can start thinking about what might be right for you. Which are the other different jobs that's suited for PwDs? Let us know on our social media channels via 

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