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Salman Khan's Jai Ho movie inspiring dialogue: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

By, The Say Foundation Team

Aap thank you mat kahiye; instead teen logon ki madad ki jiye aap; aur un teeno se kehna ki woh teen aur ki madad karen; duniya badal jayegi

People would remember this dialogue from a famous Bollywood movie, “Jai Ho”, of Superstar Salman Khan.

English translation - “Don't say thank you ... instead you help three people ... and ask those three people to help three others ... the world will change”.

In this movie, his character helped someone out of a seemingly impossible and tough situation. When this person started thanking him, he uttered this dialogue that encouraged him to help 3 people and ask them to tell each of these 3 to help 3 more.

Why am I talking about Salman Khan today? Even though he is doing fantastic work via his foundation “Being Human” and employs at least one disabled person in each of his stores and/or the store manager knows Sign Language, this is not about his store or noble intentions.

I am writing to encourage each one of the PwDs who get hired in an organization to promote 3 more friends in your organization. Strive to get them hired.

Organization who hired PwDs, should tell the benefits of hiring PwDs to 3 more of their network to hire PwDs and ask them to move the chain forward.

How will this help?

This chain reaction will fuel a spate of PwDs to find JOBS for themselves and bring JOYS to corporate organizations.

Try it. EXPERIENCE JOY! Satisfaction guaranteed!

This is a call from us in The Say Foundation on “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”, December 3rd 2023.

Pic credit: screen grab from Jai Ho where Salman is explaining the permutations and combinations of this mindblowing concept.

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