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Why could the deaf and hard of hearing people be one of the best hires in your organization?

By, The Say Foundation Team

Every year, the entire week ending on the last Sunday of September is designated as International Week of the Deaf (IWD). This year it’s from 19th Sep to 25th Sep 2022.

“Building Inclusive Communities for All” is this year’s theme.

The deaf community, according to me, is one of the most vibrant and enthusiastic communities - similar to the blind community.

Observe them when they are communicating with each other:

They are flying. Hands in the air. Gesticulating wildly. Describing the day to their best friends. Their eyes twinkling.

You will walk out of that place INSPIRED. Maybe even drop the idea of learning a foreign language for learning the Sign Language!

Some quick facts about Sign Language:

• 466 Million+ deaf people across the world use sign language as their main language.
• 300+ sign languages are prevalent
• Chinese Sign Language (20 million+ users), Brazilian Sign Language (6 million+), and Indo-Pak sign language (6 million+) are the most popular. 
• Sign Languages have their own vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. They even have regional dialects!

We would highly recommend learning the Indian Sign Language for sure. 

Why are the deaf great hires for your organization?

What type of organization do you work for?

Is it a hotel or a restaurant?
Is it a large mall or a retail store?
Is it a Software development organization required to do website designing, mobile app development or web development?
Is it a contact center offering chat & email support?
Is it an organization providing Finance & accounting services? Any other back office services in retail, technology, or similar space?
Is it a manufacturing company?
Is it a large/mid-sized or even a small library?
Is it a content-driven organization requiring excellent writers and/ or proof-readers?

If your answer is a resounding YES to even one of the above questions, start hiring deaf people for your organization and see the difference they make.

Yes – they would require some training assistance, but once they are set, then the ROI (yes – Persons with Disabilities don’t want charities. They just want opportunities!) will soar.

Organizational benefits from hiring deaf

The deaf have gone through several ups and mostly downs. Their unique life experiences have made them resilient. They are highly adaptable owing to the challenges they have faced and the way they had to pivot to make their lives better. That's why they would be wonderful hires - they will come to you with solutions to organizational problems. 

Deaf individuals have excellent work ethics. They are very detailed-oriented. The deaf have excellent written communication.

One of the biggest advantages (based on several surveys) of having diversity in your organization – especially PwDs, is that it’s excellent for the organizational environment. It boosts team morale.

Above all, they are very LOYAL!

In this time and day of increasing attrition and spiralling training costs, it makes sense for you to look at the deaf community to hire your next set of workforce. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, you will also add other PwDs as your customer as they will see you supporting one of their own!

What are you waiting for? Write to us at for helping you with your needs and we will be happy to help you hire PwDs for your organization!

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