Enable Organizations including Govt. to become leaders in Diversity & Inclusion with special focus on Disability Index by providing :

  • Assistance in creating well-developed disability-inclusion practices
  • Help fulfilling Organization’s need to build at least a minimum 4% of PwD workforce, as mandated by the Disability Act
  • Exclusive Job portal for Resume data base of PwDs and relevant job postings
  • Provide End to End placement services & support
  • Different assessments & hiring practices to demonstrate strengths of PwDs
  • Job Analysis to seek fitment of PwDs
  • Help increase awareness regarding the PwDs
  • Train Management/ Supervisory roles to improve their understanding about PwDs and sensitize them about the challenges of PwDs
  • Empathize (& not Sympathize) with the disabled
  • Help reduce the stigma and build the readiness to work with PwDs
  • Inform the Organization about their needs, infrastructure support, key strengths and capabilities of PwDs
  • Build the Hiring pipeline, offering skill development initiatives to the Organizations through partner NGOs
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