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What are the jobs that PwDs can do remotely/ from home? Part 2

By, The Say Foundation Team

In the previous blog - Remote work for PwDs, Part 1, we covered four jobs that PwDs can perform remotely. In this next part, we are covering 4 more that would be ideal for PwDs.

1. Proofreading

Proofreading can be a phenomenal job for people with disabilities who want to work remotely. First and foremost, it is a job that can be done completely from home, which means there is no need to commute or battle traffic. This can be a huge benefit for those with mobility issues or chronic pain.

Proofreading also offers a flexible schedule, which can be very helpful for those with unpredictable health issues. You can work as little or as much as you want and take breaks when needed without having to ask for permission.

Another big plus of proofreading is that it requires relatively few things – just a computer and internet connection – so it’s easy to set up a workspace at home. And because most proofreading jobs are done online, there’s no need to worry about accommodating any special equipment needs you may have.

2. Working in a customer service team

Customer service is a great job for people with disabilities who want to work remotely because it is a job that can be done completely online. There are no physical requirements for the job, so people with any type of disability can do it.

Another reason why customer service is a great job for people with disabilities who want to work remotely is that it is a very flexible job. Customer service representatives can often set their own hours, as long as they are available during the times when the company, they work for is open. 

This means that people with disabilities can easily find a schedule that works for them and their needs. Lastly, working in customer service is a great way to build up transferable skills. Many customer service jobs require excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, and patience.

3. Virtual Assistant

As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world as a VA. This is perfect for people with disabilities who may not be able to travel to an office or who prefer to work from home.

Another great perk of being a VA is that you get to choose which clients or projects you want to work on. This allows you to hand-pick assignments that fit well with your skillset and interests and also lets you avoid any type of situation that might be difficult for you due to your disability (e.g., physical requirements, emotional triggers, etc.). 

In other words, being a VA gives you complete control over what kinds of tasks and projects you take on – something that is very valuable for disabled individuals who often feel like they have little control over their lives/workplaces otherwise.

4. Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is not easy. However, based on the disability type and your skills/ interest, one could pick 2-3 areas to focus on, get trained and start working to build a portfolio of work. This can be then showcased to win clients. Many websites, NGOs and organizations have courses for you to learn and become skilled in that you can leverage to make it big in these chosen fields/skills. 

Once you are set, you would be able to start your own organization in the future, train and employ other persons with disabilities and further make others independent too. 


There are many different jobs that PwDs can do remotely or from home for different organizations. However, the most important thing is to find a job that fits your interests and skills.

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